Each year since 1874, the AAAS elects a slate of Honorary Fellows to recognize individuals for their outstanding achievements in science, engineering, innovation. Fellow nominations can be made by the 1) Steering Group for a AAAS Section, 2) three previously elected Fellows, or 3) the AAAS Chief Executive Officer. Section U nomination process

Nominations are required each spring, announced each fall, and awarded at the Annual AAAS meeting. The most recently elected Section U Fellows where presented their certificates and rosettes at the 2020 annual meeting in Seattle, WA. These fellows are

  • F. DuBois BowmanUniversity of Michigan
  • Ronald D. Fricker, Jr.Virginia Tech
  • Jiming JiangUniversity of California, Davis
  • Nandini KannanIndo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF)
  • J. Jack LeeThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer
  • Kathryn RoederCarnegie Mellon University
  • Susan M. ShortreedKaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute

Section U also maintains a list of all Fellows who have listed members in Section U.